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About the Sauce

Created in Northwest Arkansas.
Manufactured in Northwest Arkansas.
Enjoyed Nationwide!

Once you taste it, you will know you love it. The family recipe for this gourmet sauce makes The Everything Sauce a favorite for outdoor bar-b-ques and kitchen-cooked prepared meals.

Excellent for beef, poultry, fish and veggies you will discover the many ways our gourmet sauce will enhance your special dining foods. Many of our loyal customers take this 12 OZ. bottle with them to restaurants and cafe's to use on steaks, hamburgers, ribs and sandwiches and ensure their order is topped with the taste in sauce they have grown to love.

One tablespoon serving: 20 calories, 75 mg sodium, 5 g total carbohydrates and 5 g sugars. A diet friendly combination made from spices and liquids you would know and trust.



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AL Prick and Sons Gourmet Everthing Sauce
About the Name  


Being raised by older parents, I was pleasured to hear tales of family, passed down by a generation of common folks whose daily lives of hard work and family pride filled my young head with visions I envied. There are many stories of my family, but to mention a few, oh… to remember the fun loving teasing of my Uncle Raymond and the soft-spoken kindness of my Aunt Ada.

When my family gathered together for whatever occasion, I always made sure that I sat close so as to enjoy the warm fun and laughter and the many tales of days gone by. Unfortunately, many names and tales have left my memory, but there is one name that never seems to slip my grasp – the name was A.L. Prick.

I assumed as a youth from the stories told that he was my great grandfather – pictured in my young mind as a rough and rugged miner and cattleman; a man that feared no man; a man I would be proud to call my family. I dreamed that if I had only lived in that time, in the 1850s, I could have rode at his side.

Many years have passed and the storytellers have since gone to their rest, but the memory of A.L Prick still lingers. I find myself now as the elder with much time on my hands, wishing to know more of this man among men. After searching the Jones, Fallin, Phelan and Prick family history with much help, I have come to the conclusion that I was never related to this great man. I will never know how he crossed through Arkansas and met my family but I am glad he did.

The sauce you are enjoying today was invented by accident at a family gathering, as I try to pass on the traditions of old, hoping that the tales of the elders are as loved by my grandchildren as they were by me.

A.L Prick and Sons Mining and Cattle Co. Gourmet Everything Sauce was named to honor the man I heard of as a child. So, as you light the fires of your smokers, grills or pits, and as you prepare to break bread with family and loved ones, remember the little people, with the wide eyes and smiles – for they will remember the stories you have to share.

In my research, I discovered that the Prick family is in every state in this great union. If you have the pleasure of meeting one of these fine people, tell them I said, “Thank You, and I really wish I was a Prick.”





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